Review: Buried

'Buried' poster

I don’t think I’ve ever hated yet loved an ending to a movie so much before. I probably would have had a problem if it had ended differently, even though I really wanted it to not end like it did. Basically, I came out of seeing Buried in a massive dilemma over how much I really loved it, because of the ending. And inappropriately cheerful sounding music didn’t make it any less awkward. (Don’t actually remember what the music was though, to be completely honest.)

Despite all my weirdness and issues over the end, I really liked Buried. Director Rodrigo Cortez definitely knows how to push a few buttons. Despite not quite feeling the whole thing like I had at Movie-Con, my eyes were glued to the screen the entire time. For a movie, not a lot happens. For 95-ish minutes in a coffin, a lot happens. I think its quite difficult to comment on things though, without spoilers. 

Given that you’re literally watching him the whole time, I’d say Ryan Reynolds was very watchable. I don’t think I have ever seen him in something serious before. Has he done anything serious? (Horror movies do not count). I dunno if saying he suited the role is correct, but it definitely worked. I don’t see awards coming his way… but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Time for a mini rant: Having seen the beginning of Buried at Movie-Con in August, I have to say the cinema you see Buried in makes a massive difference to how much the film will effect you. More specifically, where the screen is. I saw it at the Curzon Soho, but not in their big main screen. Part of the experience of this movie is feeling a little uncomfortable and claustrophobic while watching, but if I’m looking up to a screen, that doesn’t really work. But it worked in NFT1 in BFI Southbank. 

I should not really wait a whole week to write a review. I’m finding it difficult to talk about the movie, which honestly, is less of a comment on the film and more on just my brain and what its been through this past week. But that’s a different story…


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