“Money’s The Bitch That Never Sleeps”: A Review of Wall Street 2

‘Money’s the bitch that never sleeps.’ The subtitle of the movie is from that Gordon Gekko line. Such a shame they didn’t keep it that way for promoting the movie. It’s longer than the 3 key words, but its more exciting.

I should say that I haven’t seen the original. I wanted to, but not by paying £10 for the DVD.

I was expecting a lot more banking and finance drama than family drama with this… It turned out to become all about Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) and his daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan) who doesn’t speak to him anymore. Which is all fine in terms of a story… But it wasn’t really about Wall Street, was it?

Ok so it was, kind of.

I found myself bored in many places. And in the ones I wasn’t, I wasn’t that excited or surprised or enjoying it. There was no really drama or tension in the film. Except for when Louie Zabel (Frank Langella) does what he does (trying to avoid spoilers). That was shocking. But that peak of drama came way too early. It was like a catalyst with a very disappointing reaction.

I wish they had gone the completely fictional way. Using the recent economic crisis was a great opportunity but it was wasted. If Oliver Stone had made it all up they would have had so much more they could do.

The film looked great. There were some really good tracking and steadicam shots. The one in Gordon’s apartment sticks out in my mind. I also loved the shot of the New York skyscraper when Shia LaBoeuf gets to his office the first time. Shame about him though. He really could not get anyway close to the screen presence Michael Douglas or Carey Mulligan have. Looking like a kid also does not work in his favour. It’ll be a while before he is proper big time drama material.

Carey Mulligan was good, as she usually is. But I wish had seen this before Never Let Me Go. She was nowhere near as brilliant in this, and ‘Winnie’ is going to be my memory of her till I see something else with her in it.

The cinema (Vue Islington) was surprisingly packed. Didn’t think so many people would want to see it on a Sunday afternoon.

As I said I haven’t seen number one, but this felt like such an unnecessary sequel. Oliver Stone can do so much better, so its a shame to see him do a film that just seems like a money making scheme.


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