Bollywood Review: Action Replayy

I suppose it was just a matter of time before Bollywood would remake Back To The Future. Action Replayy isn’t a complete rip off, but the main idea is the same, it’s just been desi-fied, which a lot more focus put on the love story of Kishen (Akshay Kumar) and Mala (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), Bunty’s (Aditya Roy Kapoor) parents.

The film overall is quite sweet, but a little too dumb. Its not all out slapstick comedy, but its not clever humour either, its just in the middle somewhere, like it didn’t know which way to go, and that can work sometimes, but really not here. They’re portraying it as a comedy, but it’s just not funny enough. Or maybe they were going for 70s humour, which I just didn’t get. Also plot-wise, everything seemed too convenient. One big thing left unexplained was how Bunty and Mala became friends. They didn’t that to happen for the rest of the movie to play out, so they just made it happen, but didn’t explain how that was possible.

For a new guy, Aditya Roy Kapoor seems promising, and am looking forward to seeing how he does in SLB’s Guzaarish in a couple of weeks. He was a little too enthusiastic at times I felt, like I get they were his parents, and it was the 70s, but still – a lot of shouting and cheering. But that’s possibly more a fault of the director, Vipul Shah, giving a lot more attention to his big stars, rather than the new kid.

Lets talk about the stars then. About 100 films ago, Akshay Kumar playing the innocent geeky simpleton was funny and good. Now, it’s incredibly irritating and dull. I’m not really a fan anyway, but doing the same role over and over isn’t helping his case. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the other hand was pretty good, and looked amazing, despite some weird costume choices. Her clothes in the 70s didn’t always seem right for the decade, especially some short dresses, like the one she wore in the song ‘Nakhre’. Manish Malhotra should know better than that by now. She was always so dressed up, that it just got a bit weird after a while.

There were some major technical issues in this film. There’s a whole list, but one major issue was bad cinematography and camera work, most notably in the song ‘O Bekhabar’. I don’t know who this Sejal Shah is, but she needs to go back to cinematography school or something. In this day and age, things should not look that bad. The camera was so zoomed in on some shots it was actually painful to look at. How could anyone let them put the film out like that? Did they not check what it would look like on a big screen?

Even though it sounds like I have major issues with this film, it wasn’t all that bad. The sweet bits were sweet enough, and there were some good jokes, and a couple of the songs were enjoyable. I think they could have had a simpler plot, there’s a fair bit pointless bits happening on the side. It’s worth watching once, but I wouldn’t see it again unless forced or paid to. And it’s definitely not for anyone who isn’t used to level of stupidity some Bollywood movies have. Not that it’s even trying to, but this is not the kind of movies to make us proud on an international level. 


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