The Tourist / The Next Three Days

So, I’m putting the reviews of The Tourist and The Next Three Days together, not only because I saw them on the same day, but because what I had read of both of them prior to seeing them was that they were pretty shit. One was, one wasn’t so much. Also, I don’t have much to say on either so might as well keep it to one post with two short reviews.

The Tourist

The only bit in this movie where I got anything close to excited was the reason I actually went: my friend is the guy in the train conductor’s uniform in the train scene. He appears three times, for a few seconds. The rest was just ridiculous. It wasn’t boring, because I was laughing a fair bit at the stupidity of it all, and Angelina Jolie’s accent, which was really unnecessary, but really did not care about what was going on. And the twists were predictable. From the letter I knew who Johnny Depp was. I mean everyone must have got it by at least half an hour before the “big” reveal. Right?

It was basically a Jolie/Depp show. Nice looking shots (a lot of which looked a bit soft) of them around Paris and Venice. It also didn’t seem very challenging in terms of their acting abilities.

I have yet to see Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s The Lives of Others, and I still want to, but I can’t say I’m going to be keen on anything else he might do outside Germany.

The Next Three Days

First off, I’m going to call this film The Last Three Days, because whoever titled it needs to be fired. Or banished from any film industry. Also, I haven’t seen Pour Elle, the French original.

This was nowhere near as bad as I had read it would be. It’s definitely not perfect, but I think it serves its purpose. I love that you don’t know for certain whether she did it or not. Also, that the character of John Brennan doesn’t know how to help his wife escape prison. The easy way and the cliché is that he just happens to know how to do those things, but I enjoyed watching him struggle, even though it at times works against the pace of the film.

Its nice to see Elizabeth Banks doing serious, and that she can do it well. I think having someone who isn’t that well known for doing dramatic roles helps the mystery a little.

Apart from the length and title, my other main issue is that I didn’t feel completely satisfied with the ending. I won’t ruin it, but I would have liked it to be a little more difficult to get to where it did so that the ending would really work. However that would have then adding to running time, so I guess it might just have been a compromise.

And I have to say this again. The NEXT Three Days? Are you kidding me? Not only does that make no sense whatsoever, The Last Three Days is better, as the editor realized, or whoever’s idea it was to have the Last Three Years/Months/Days moments. If anyone ever understands that, please explain it to me. 


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