Review – TRON: Legacy

I tried to lower my expectations before seeing Tron: Legacy with all the negative reviews. I think everyone agreed, looks great but story is shit. And even going in expecting nothing from the story I still felt a little disappointed.

I’m still not really sure if there was too little story or an attempt at too much. Or there’s just nothing to care about. Maybe its because all the drama is set in a digital world, there doesn’t really seem to be anything at stake. And the end! Why couldn’t Jeff Bridges do that or something like it before? I mean, he is ‘the creator’.

And then there’s Sam Flynn. Or Garrett Hedlund. Let’s start with Sam. The director and the script do nothing to make you feel bad for him. Sure his dad went missing when he was young, but he grew up just to be a rich prat rather than a troubled man. I think they tried to go the troubled way… All I can say is try harder. I’d say the same to Garrett. The dude isn’t unwatchable but he also gives nothing to make me want to watch him. He’s unbelievably boring and has a voice that should be on hypnosis CDs. He seems like a nice guy but could they really find no one else?

The visuals as everyone already knows are stunning, but it starts looking the same after a short while. Nothing new was introduced to keep it looking fresh. It’s all just strobe lights and neon lights. All the high contrast, with everything that’s not a light being black, gets very boring.

Tron: Legacy was probably too big a movie for a first time director. Everyone involved obviously set out to make a big digital age epic, but it doesn’t really work out. I’m not saying that first time directors can’t do big studio movies, but not all are going to be the right choice. Joseph Kosinski obviously knows how to do the style thing, but he failed to bring out parts of the characters that would make the audience connect with them.

The soundtrack is brilliant, and music is very important, but it’s not going to make the film better. You could really just try and enjoy the soundtrack, treat the film like a very pretty and long music video with some very irritating dialogue.

I didn’t hate Tron: Legacy, but it is such a disappointment. It could have been so good, you can see that from what it actually is, and that makes it all a bit sadder. Had the script been rewritten one or time, or someone had raised issues with the story early on, things could have been so good. 


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