Review: Love & Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs starts out as a rom-com, with a couple of dramatic moments, and ends up being a full on emotional drama, which had a funny start. There are times when it feels like it doesn’t really know which way it is going, but really its a romance film covering both bases.

In the trailers for Love and Other Drugs, they tell you that Maggie Murdoch, Anne Hathaway’s character, is seriously ill. Every time I saw it I wished they hadn’t revealed that. In the movie, you know she has Parkinson’s seconds before you actually see her, and again I wish I didn’t know so soon. Not that there is anything wrong with a character with Parkinson’s, but the audience has no time to get to know the character herself. And so later on, when she’s screaming about having a life apart from her disease, but we don’t really believe it.

That’s kind of a difficult one though. Not knowing about her illness would have meant they couldn’t have met how they met, and even if they met differently, coming from a medical family and knowing so much about medicine, Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) would have figured it out soon enough. Also, as the story is his story, it makes sense that audience knows what he knows, and finds things out when he does. It would be odd if he knows about the Parkinson’s but we don’t. Its just unfortunate that is how it all plays out, because I think it will really effect how people feel about Anne Hathaway’s character. It’ll be more pity than anything else.

Another issue I have with the story is that I didn’t feel like he actually fell in love with her. They just had a lot of sex, and then one day he’s in love. And then when she’s in love, he doesn’t seem to be so much anymore.

It’s all very sweet and predictable, and what you’d expect it to be. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are both very good, and they go well together. They make a very believable couple, and the film relies very heavily on their chemistry. It would be difficult to make it work quite like they do with another two actors.

Some people might be disappointed by the film, as it doesn’t really offer anything new for either of the genres it attempts, but its still good. And there’s a lot of nudity, so that’ll make it more watchable for most people. 


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