Bollywood Review: Game

I hate having to use the phrase “for an Indian film…” or “for a Bollywood movie” when talking about a film but sometimes its the only way to make it sound good. And so… 

For a Bollywood film, Game is quite good. Clever even. It’s a murder mystery that throws you so off track, for the most part its not actually about the murder. When it finally returns to the whodunit part, you’re a bit like “oh that’s the point?” But even though the movie goes off on a bit of a tangent, something is always happening to keep you interested. They’re some twists, which are for the most part so very predictable, but there is no slow-mo melodrama involved in the revelations, which makes them work.

Boman Irani, Shahana Goswami and Jimmy Shergill are all okay in their roles, which are fairly small. If they weren’t played by recognizable names you wouldn’t really care at all. Sarah Jane Dias is decent for a newbie. There isn’t much required from her, but she does what she has well. 

Abhishek Bachchan was good if you’re a fan, and ‘meh’ if you’re not. This isn’t anywhere near his good performances, but he’s come a long way over the years from when he was pretty bad. Kangna Ranaut was less annoying than usual (but more than she was in Tanu Weds Manu). She can act at times but she can never speak English properly. Someone get her elocution lessons, or ban she from trying to speak English. Please. 

Appropriately there are few songs but the two (plus one in the credits),  composed by Excel Entertainment favorite Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, are fairly decent. For a Farhan Akhtar-Ritesh Sidhwani production, Game isn’t quite up to their usual standard. But as I’ve said, it is in no way bad. 

The only person who will really be affected if this does badly is Abhishek. There are only so many box office failures he can survive. It’s a shame though, its time people gave him a chance. And there’s no reason why that can’t be Game.