I loved Tangled. Possibly more than what is appropriate for a 20-year-old guy. It’s good old Disney, with music and magic.It doesn’t have the double layer, with something for the adults as well as the kids, like Pixar does so well, but that’s okay. It wouldn’t work for everyone. I think the comedy in this, though easy and child-orientated, will keep parents entertained as well.

It’s the most expensive animated movie ever, and it looks it. I think it was money well spent (I hope they make it back). It looks amazing, and the use of 3D is very good. The scene everyone will talk about is the lantern scene, just because of how incredible it looks, and all the kids in the cinema reaching out to touch the floating lights. With so many 3D movies out these days, you’d think they’d learn by now that you can’t touch things in 3D. Baby Rapunzel (was she born with hair that already past her shoulders?) is so adorable. She is serious competition for Agnes from Despicable Me, and Bonnie from Toy Story 3, in terms of animated cuteness.

I’m sure the children Disney is aiming Tangled at won’t notice or even care, but the plot has some holes in it. Well, not holes, but smudgy lines. Why would Mother Gothel tell Rapunzel when her real birthday is (or her real name even), especially since she seems so hesitant to celebrate it? And does she come to love Rapunzel over the years? It certainly doesn’t seem so. It also seems awfully convenient that she would leave straight away for a three-day journey for her birthday present, especially after a big argument. The other major issue is: if the lost princess’ name was Rapunzel, and she would be about the same age as this crazy girl with ridiculously long hair, why doesn’t it occur to Flynn/Eugene that she could be her? Or the horse with the human brain? Or to anyone of the dancing people in the town that she looks exactly like the baby in the mosaic? Also, [SPOILER ALERT] how do her parents recognize her with brown hair? Mother Gothel was the one who discovered that cutting it makes it brown right before kidnapping her… Or did they just see it in her eyes? (Yes, that’s me being cynically sarcastic.) [SPOILER OVER]

That’s quite a long paragraph of plotline oddities. But really they don’t matter. The film still works, and is a treat to watch. The music is also not bad, but I’ve never been a fan of Disney songs, they just never do anything for me. I imagine people who want to will like them. I’m glad Tangled came out in 2011 here in the UK, so I can safely say it may be my favorite animated film this year.