The 83rd Academy Awards Nominations

The nominations for this year’s Oscars were announced this morning, and in general I think they’re alright. No major surprises. The biggest shock being no Best Director for Christopher Nolan, and no Best Actor for Ryan Gosling, especially Michelle Williams got Best Actress for Blue Valentine.

Here are my thoughts, predictions and whom I’m rooting for. I don’t feel like I know enough to comment on the technical awards so its just the main ones, i.e. the ones more people care about.

Actor In A Leading Role

It has to be Colin Firth this time, for The King’s Speech. Jeff Bridges won last year, though he is very good in True Grit, but I don’t think he will get it second year in a row. Jesse Eisenberg was good, but he should be happy with a nominations. He still has years and years to win an Oscar.

Actor In A Supporting Role

It’s good to see Jeremy Renner nominated for The Town, but I think Christian Bale should and probably will get it for The Fighter. Otherwise Geoffrey Rush for The King’s Speech. I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone, so can’t really comment on John Hawkes, but should Mark Ruffalo really be there? Isn’t he just there because The Kids Are All Right is up for a lot of other things?

Actress In A Leading Role

I’m so happy Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) and Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine) are there. I think Natalie Portman has a much better chance of winning for Black Swan, but I think all three would deserve the win.

Actress In A Supporting Role

Not that the poor thing would stand a chance of winning Best Actress in A Leading Role, but Hailee Steinfeld’s nomination for True Grit is truly deserved. But she won’t win this either. A nomination at such a young age is pretty good. After winning at the Globes, I’d say Melissa Leo has a pretty good chance, though if it had to go to The Fighter, I’d give it to Amy Adams. Less crazy doesn’t mean lesser acting. But of course, Helena Bonham Carter should get it.

Animated Feature Film

The Illusionist (though I haven’t seen it) and How To Train Your Dragon don’t stand a chance against Toy Story 3. Unless TS3 will win Best Picture, and voters decide to give either one of them a chance, but I don’t see that happening.


Where is Christopher Nolan?? The five who are nominated are definitely good, but I would have liked to see Nolan there. And Danny Boyle, but I’m less upset about that. Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan would be a great win, though it won’t happen. The Coen Brothers also probably won’t happen because True Grit is a remake. So, my bet is David Fincher.

Music (Original Score)

I think Daft Punk should have been on there for Tron: Legacy. I don’t remember How To Train Your Dragon having that great a score, but its not exactly the kind of film they’d put in there just because (The Kids Are All Right nominations for example). All the other four are all great, but if I had to pick Hans Zimmer for Inception. Or Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network.

Music (Original Song)

I thought there would be a Burlesque song thrown in but I am so glad there isn’t. I have only heard If I Rise (127 Hours) and We Belong Together (Toy Story 3), so I have to go with Toy Story 3. Even though I don’t think I remember the song. That’s probably not the right reason to pick it, but I bet Academy members do the same sometimes.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

I finally understand why Toy Story 3 counts as an Adapted Screenplay, and I guess it makes sense. The idea of adapted is that is it based on previous material, not literally adapted from something. And the idea is based on the previous films, so therefore not an original screenplay. But I’m glad it’s there. If not, True Grit. I think the Coen Brothers had a great screenplay, but I have no idea how it compares to the original.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

If they credit a nomination to someone else for the story, is the screenplay still technically original? I’m not so sure The Fighter should be there. I really want Inception to win, though The Fighter or The King’s Speech probably has a better chance.

Best Picture

Having ten Best Picture nominations isn’t quite as exciting as it was last year. Still, it means more films have a chance, though the five that you would think wouldn’t have gotten nominated if the nominations list was still limited to five, still don’t have a chance. I think those would be: The Kids Are All Right, Inception, 127 Hours, Winters Bone, and either Black Swan or Toy Story 3. But really, I want Black Swan or Toy Story 3 or Inception to win. The obvious and most likely choices areThe Social Network and The King’s Speech, both excellent films, but it’s just too obvious. After last year’s disappointment (yes I didn’t want The Hurt Locker to win), a nice surprise would be very welcome this year.

BAFTA Film Awards Nominations – What I Want

BAFTA has announced the nominations for 2011 Film Awards. Here is who I think or I would like to win (in bold). (Listing all the nominations is just tedious and there are loads of places you can find them. Like here:,1572,BA.html )


It will go to The King’s Speech or The Social Network, but wouldn’t it be lovely if it went to Black Swan? Darren Aronofsky’s film is brilliant, but unfortunately I don’t see it winning the number of awards it deserves.


Surely since The King’s Speech is the only one nominated for Best Film as well, it will get it? It would definitely deserve both. 127 Hours also could win, and it would also be well deserved, seeing as its being overlooked everywhere else.


Four Lions. Its not really the obvious choice, but it was so good. Being the only film I’ve seen of the five also probably makes me a little biased in this category.


Christopher Nolan – Inception or Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan. Both did so well, and The King’s Speech and The Social Network combined will probably win everything else.


It’s a hard one. Inception or The King’s Speech. I would just really love for Inception to win stuff. Awards can be too elitist sometimes.


I don’t really think it’s fair that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is nominated, since the screenplay would have been in Swedish. Even though it is in the wrong category (technically its an original screenplay, no?) Toy Story 3 should win. How often is an animated film screenplay good enough to get recognized?


Unlike with the Golden Globes where I had only seen one of the five Foreign Films nominations, here I have seen four. I don’t think The Secret In Their Eyes should be part of this, surely it’s too old a film. Of Gods And Men (Des Hommes Et Des Dieux) is my pick. Its French, its about monks, and its set in Algeria. Oh and it’s a true story. What more could you want?


Why only three nominations? Anyway, obviously it has to be Toy Story 3. Even though it should be up with Best Film as well.


James Franco. He cut his arm off. But Colin Firth will win, ’cos he’s a Brit.


Where is Carey Mulligan? She’s not nominated but I’m putting it in bold anyway. She should be on that list. But Natalie Portman deserves it, even with her Golden Globe.


He should be around for Never Let Me Go as well, and also because he isn’t going to win so I feel a little sorry, but Andrew Garfield. Yes really.


Again, with the lack of love for Never Let Me Go? Keira Knightley. They could have atleast nominated her. But really, I would have wanted Helena Bonham Carter to win. She was robbed at the Globes.


Alexandre Desplat for The King’s Speech (for a film about royalty TKS was quite un-boring, and the music certainly helped) or Hans Zimmer for Inception (who knew you could do so much with an Edith Piaf song).

I am angry at the complete snub of Never Let Me Go. Apart from a film about the Royals, how much more British can I film be? And it’s the BAFTAs! They also liked The Kids Are All Right way too much. Is this one of those “oh it’s a film about lesbians, lets all be positively discriminating” things? (I have nothing against lesbians really). Anyway they made less mistakes than the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, so lets hope the Academy can do even better.